Personnel Information:  Other Policies

Academic employment issues are governed by University of Florida Regulations and, for those faculty who are β€œin unit,” by a collective bargaining agreement. Units covered by the bargaining agreement are the Florida Museum of Natural History; the Student Health Counseling Center; units reporting to the Provost; Library West; and the colleges of Business Administration; Design, Construction and Planning; Education; Engineering; the Arts; Health and Human Performance; Journalism; and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Academic Freedom and Responsibility

See UF Regulation 6C1-7.018 (pdf)

Academic Ranks and Titles

See UF Regulation 6C1-7.003 (pdf) and CBA

Affirmative Action Plan for Equal Employment Opportunity

The Affirmative Action Plan for Equal Employment Opportunity (UF Regulation C1-1.0061 - pdf) implements the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy:

The university shall provide equal employment opportunities and practices for all qualified persons which conform to laws against discrimination on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, marital status, veteran status as protected under the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act, sex, national origin, disability, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information, or age; and to promote the full realization of equal opportunity through a positive, continuing program of affirmative action which shall be aimed at enlarging and expanding the employment opportunities of qualified women and minority groups through the university.

American with Disabilities Act Compliance Office

The University of Florida, under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 504 federal legislation, is required to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical and mental limitations of otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities.

To help provide the best possible service to students, staff, faculty and visitors, the University of Florida has an ADA Compliance Office with a coordinator responsible for access for persons with disabilities. The ADA coordinator assists anyone with questions about access.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The University of Florida is committed to maintaining a workplace and educational environment free from sexual and other forms of illegal harassment. Sexual and other harassment is reprehensible and subverts the mission of the University of Florida and will not be tolerated. It threatens the careers of faculty and staff and the educational experience of our students. The purpose of this policy is to prevent sexual harassment and to offer students and employees who believe they have been sexually harassed a means of redress and an environment conducive to learning and working. Retaliation against an individual who truthfully complains about sexual harassment or who cooperates with an investigation of a complaint will not be tolerated.This policy applies to visitors, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers of the University.

Other Policies Related to Employment

Forms Related to Employment