Research at UF: Other Research Offices

The UF College of Engineering offers information and resources in the following Research Areas:

IFAS Research: The Florida Agricultural Experimentation Station serves as the gateway to breakthrough research done by members of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Encompassing multiple departments and Research and Education Centers, our station seeks to promote science by providing resources for faculty and students to help them succeed in their innovative research experiments.

College of Medicine Office of Research Affairs

The Office of Research Affairs works in tandem with the College of Medicine faculty, research leadership, and central University research administration. In doing so we wish to lead the development of a strategic vision and a plan for the implementation of that strategic vision for research programs.

College of Medicine Research Administration and Compliance

The Office of Research Administration and Compliance provides services and support to our research faculty and staff for research administrative related business. The Office is committed to a strong compliance program, which includes policies, procedures, and standards-of-conduct that promote adherence to applicable laws, as well as to the requirements of federal, state and private funding agencies.