Teaching Resources: Instructional Support

The Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence and the Office of Academic Technology provide a variety of resources and support services for teaching. Other resources may exist in individual colleges and schools.

Office of Academic Technology

The Office of Academic Technology (AT) provides resources, technical assistance, and equipment to assist the University of Florida faculty, staff and students. The three general divisions of AT include support for media services, instructional technology and teaching/learning.

Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT)

The CITT mission is to provide training, technical support, and access to equipment for the development of multimedia for instruction. While priority is given to faculty members engaged in the development of web-based courses, the CITT staff and equipment are available for use by any faculty members who are actively working on media-based instructional projects.

The CITT staff presents workshops on the use of technology and software, assists in the evaluation of software for media-based instructional development, consults with faculty on the pedagogical issues related to web-based instruction, and provides access to equipment for media production.

Classroom Support

Classroom Support services include:

  • Assisting instructors with the operation of classroom technology
  • Installing, maintaining, and supporting classroom technology
  • Circulating audio/visual and portable multimedia equipment

A list of centrally supported classrooms and the audio-visual equipment they contain is available on the Classroom Support website.

e-Learning Support Services

E-Learning in Canvas is the centrally supported course management system at UF.  E-Learning in Canvas provides a secure online system for posting content, communication tools, student submissions, assessments and posting of grades.  Canvas allows educators to build web-based learning environments without a lot of time, resources, or technical expertise. Instructors can choose to deliver entire courses using e-Learning or use it to provide online access to course resources and student grades. The Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT) provides consultation and training courses on the use of Canvas.

Testing Center

The Teaching Center, located in Broward Hall, provides tutoring services, review sessions, practice tests, and testing services to students. In addition, it provides information, training, and resources for Teaching Assistants.

Teaching Centers