Centers and institutes focus on domains of knowledge that reside within a discipline or are cross-disciplinary in scope. These organizational mechanisms can be used to provide greater depth in teaching and/or research to a narrower range of problems within a discipline or to apply a broader vision to problems that cross traditional knowledge boundaries. Centers and institutes are established and abolished according to specific funding and program needs. The administrative officers of these units are directors.

Complete list of active institutes and centers and information on centers and institutes

IFAS Research and Education Centers

Within the UF/IFAS mission, the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station (FAES) is the entity through which the university conducts research in cooperation with the USDA. FAES's mission is to invent, discover, and develop applications of knowledge in support of the agricultural, human, and natural resource industries of Florida. The UF/IFAS statewide research program is administered through a variety of locations throughout the state.

UF/IFAS County Extension Offices

The Florida Cooperative Extension Service is the administrative entity through which UF cooperates with federal and local governments in the administration of the food, agricultural, natural and renewable resources, family and consumer sciences, 4-H, community resource development, energy extension, and marine advisory programs statewide. A UF/IFAS Extension office is operated in each of the 67 counties of Florida under the leadership of a county extension director.